There has been a massive increase in crypto adoption over the last few years, leading to the innovation  of newer cryptocurrency projects into the space. 

For these projects to get a chance at the spotlight, they need a springboard of sorts. They need a platform that allows investors to buy into the project early before they hit exchanges. And this is where cryptocurrency launchpads come in.

What is a Crypto Launchpad?

A crypto launchpad, also known as a crypto incubator,  is a platform that allows blockchain-based projects to raise capital while giving early investors access to early-stage token sales. 

Getting access to early-stage sales through crypto launchpads means investors can get the cryptocurrency at a lower  price before the public launch on the market. 

Also, because the cost of launching in a  launchpad is low (or insignificant),  more projects are heading towards launchpads for fundraising.

Crypto launchpads provide a way for investors to get early access to projects in the infancy stage before they launch on the mainstream. Thus,  these investors  make more profits when the project is made public. 

Benefits of Crypto Launchpad 

  • Launchpad allows participants to gain access to often highly sought-after projects before they list on public exchanges.
  • Since investors get in on the project early, it allows participants to enter at the lowest possible price and benefit from the maximum returns.
  • Launchpad allows founders to find dedicated communities of investors and crypto enthusiasts that can help them  grow their project in a meaningful way.

Best Crypto Launchpads 

Here is a list of some launchpads with good reputations

  • DAO Marker 
  • BSCPad 
  • Solanium 
  • PulsePad 
  • CARDStarter 
  • TRONPad 
  • Avalaunch 
  • StarTerra 
  • NearPad
  • VelasPad 


From the outset, crypto launchpad has been a game changer for the blockchain industry. They allow blockchain based projects to raise capital while giving away access to early stage token sales for their group of investors