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The best way to get access to Crypto trading signals every day and every time from the best, the industry has to offer.

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Access weekly, live group coaching from experts along with other like-minded creatives and analysts from around the globe in our community-backed learning portal.

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It is a mastermind group where you have access to Chris Ani, Tolani and other cryptocurrency experts that guide and give real-time fundamental and technical analyses, updates and signals about the crypto market.


Learn more about crypto applications you can participate in, including DeFi, NFTs, Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchain, etc.


Receive monthly to quarterly video updates from our crypto experts


Get early announcements of possible airdrops


Get short- and long-term signals more than in any of our signal rooms.


One thing stands out for me at Cryptohub community: timely updates. So, aside from the signals, what I cherish most is the updates we get on both green and red days. Community members are not allowed to wallow in fear and uncertainty when everyone else is panicking all over social media or offline. This strategy has the advantage of putting us ahead of others, since we almost always know what's next. And this is my biggest gain: that I have avoided terrible mistakes that ignorance and fear of uncertainties would have pushed me into were I not a member of this community. Thank you!


I bought the trade and make money course last year and got added to the Cryptohub discussion and signal room. So far, I’m happy with the support I’m getting from the community and this have helped me become a better and profitable trader. I’ve really learnt a lot from the community.

Micheal Wale

I joined CryptoHub late 2017 during the bull run. I must say that being a part of this great community of like minds is an honour and privilege to me. One thing that stands out Is the growth I have experienced right from 2017 till date. All thanks to God almighty for the teachings I got from Master, CHRIS ANI. My growth can't be complete if I don't mention TOCHUKWU NOLAN, EMMANUEL CHIGOZIE (AFFILIATE MARKETING). I must say that these great guys are the reason why I can't be mislead in this great ecosystem. My joy stretches down to the amazing guys I have met from our lovely community (Discussion Groups and Nigeria Bitcoin Exchange etc)

Idoko Walter CryptoWalt E.O

As a Freelancer who sometimes receives payment and saves in cryptocurrency. I needed a way to grow my savings so bought the Trade and Make Money course last year, 2021 and so far, the course has been helpful. I've made more than 10 times the amount I spent to purchase it even without being an active trader. Also, the free signals I've been receiving (as a bonus) from the signal room are top-notch. It's obvious that the Technical Analyst is a genius, in fact, genius isn't enough to describe his extraordinary skill. One of my highlights was the signal that turned my $400 into $1,300 in just one day. This happened in December 2021 and Christmas money was set for me. I couldn't be happier. The value I've gotten from this course exceeds the amount I paid to purchase it. Also, you mustn't be an active trader to benefit from this course, so get it now. Thank you, Chris Ani, thank you, Cryptohub.

Mary-Anne Francis Akwemoh

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