This is educational content for educational purposes only. The information contained within the course and chat group is not be considered investment advice. Trading, investing, and being an entrepreneur involves a lot of risk.
We are not advising or considered advisers of investment or any specific trading. Nothing we communicate within the course or group is a recommendation to buy or sell any asset. There are no guarantees in trading or investing bitcoin / cryptocurrency. Many traders / investors lose money and trading is at your own risk, so don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are extremely risky assets in an equally risky market.
Before deciding to participate with trading or investing into the Bitcoin / cryptocurrencymarket, you should carefully consider your investment goals, level of personal experience with the markets and your overall tolerance for risk. It is imperative that you do not invest money you cannot afford to lose.
The trading of bitcoin / cryptocurrenciesis highly speculative. Most people lose money by trading and there is a high degree of exposure to risk in the trading of any commodity like or not like bitcoin or cryptocurrency including but certainly not limited to: leverage, creditworthiness, limited regulatory protection and market volatility that may significantly affect the value or liquidity of a currency or currency pair in the market.The leveraged nature of trading bitcoin & cryptocurrency commodities basically means that any market movement will have an equally proportionate effect on the value of your your deposited funds.
This dynamic may work against you or could very well work in your favor, there is no predicting the future. The possibility exists that you could sustain a total loss of invested funds into cryptocurrency coins if they are delisted from the exchange or if you are margin trading, you may be required to deposit additional funds to maintain your position if it’s going the wrong way.
With margin trading if you do not meet the margin requirements, your position could possibly be liquidated leaving you responsible for any losses that resulted from it.
Past performance or pro forma is not a reliable indicator of future trading results. There are zero guarantees of profit or avoiding losses when trading bitcoin, cryptocurrencies traditionally or on margin.
Hypothetical results have many flaws and limitations and are not a guarantee of results actually happening. The Company makes no representation that any possible trade will or is likely to reach similar profits to those shown anywhere on the website or elsewhere online.
It’s important to know there are frequently drastic differences between hypothetical performance results and the actual results achieved by any one trader. Any testimonials in regard to the course or chat group services are not indicative of future profitability / success and have not been independently verified. Use your own discretion.
Hypothetical performance results have many inherent limits and flaws. Some of these flaws / limitations are described in the following. No communication is being made that any account will or is has any chance to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown within the course or private chat group.
There are quite often stark differences between hypothetical performance results and the actual results achieved by any participating in any particular trading program and implementing what you learn. Major limitations of hypothetical performance results: that they are usually prepared with the benefit of hindsight.
Hypothetical trading does not involve real financial risk, and no hypothetical trading data can completely account for the true impact of financial risk that is endured in real live trading. Like how the ability to withstand loss or to adhere to a particular trading strategy despite of having experienced trading losses are significant points which can adversely affect the results of trading.
There are various other factors related to the markets in general or to the use of any particular trading strategy or program which in most cases cannot be fully prepared for in the preparation of hypothetical performance results. All of these above points can negatively affect your actual trading results / profitability
The course content and private chat group that we provide are for educational purposes only. We provide only generic market recommendations that are based solely on the judgment of our traders and this should be considered as generic and as no guarantee of results. You understand that you enter into any transactions or trades relying on your own judgment.
Any market recommendations that we may provide will only ever be generic and may or may not actually be consistent or accurate with the market positions or intentions of the Company and our affiliate members.
Any opinions, news, research, analyses, prices, or other cryptocurrency / bitcoin related information contained on this website or private chat group are provided as a generic market commentary, and does not translate as investment advice.
Signal Report **** COIN TRADED: Bitcoin      MARKET: Bitmex     DATE: Sept.13, 2018      CALLED AT: Long - 6460     SOLD AT: 65800      GAINS/LOSSES: 10%     ******** COIN TRADED: WPR      MARKET: BINANCE     DATE: AUG. 29 ?SEPT. 30, 2018.      CALLED AT: 350 Sats     SOLD AT: 488 Sats      GAINS/LOSSES: 39%     ******** COIN TRADED: KEY      MARKET: KUCOIN     DATE: AUG. 31?SEPT. 3, 2018      CALLED AT: 104- 110 Sats     SOLD AT: 120 Sats      GAINS/LOSSES: 10-15%     ******** COIN TRADED: ETC      MARKET:      DATE:       CALLED AT:      SOLD AT:       GAINS/LOSSES:      ******** COIN TRADED: (Ethereum Classic)      MARKET: BINANCE & BITTREX     DATE: SEPT. 1?SEPT 3,2018      CALLED AT: 182,000 Sats     SOLD AT: 200,000 Sats      GAINS/LOSSES: 10%     ******** COIN TRADED: TELCON      MARKET: KUCOIN     DATE: SEPT. 4, 2018      CALLED AT: BUY& HOLD     SOLD AT:       GAINS/LOSSES:      ******** COIN TRADED:       MARKET:      DATE:       CALLED AT: 8,000?     SOLD AT:       GAINS/LOSSES:      ******** COIN TRADED: AION      MARKET: BINANCE     DATE: SEPT. 4 ?SEPT. 5, 2018      CALLED AT: 8,100 Sats     SOLD AT: 7,800 Sats      GAINS/LOSSES: 4.     ******** COIN TRADED: BITCOIN      MARKET: BITMEX     DATE: SEPT. 3, 2018.      CALLED AT: LONG W     SOLD AT:       GAINS/LOSSES: Over 10%     ******** COIN TRADED:       MARKET:      DATE:       CALLED AT: 7450 Sats     SOLD AT:       GAINS/LOSSES:      ******** COIN TRADED: EVX      MARKET: BINANCE     DATE: SEPT 3 ?SEPT 5TH      CALLED AT: 6600 Sats     SOLD AT: 6170 Sats      GAINS/LOSSES: 9%     ******** COIN TRADED: GTO      MARKET: BITMEX     DATE: SEPT. 3 ?SEPT. 5, 2018.      CALLED AT: 1206 Sats     SOLD AT: 1120 Sats      GAINS/LOSSES: 9.%     ******** COIN TRADED: POWER      MARKET: BINANCE & BITTREX     DATE: SEPT. 3 ?SEPT. 28,2018.      CALLED AT: 2600 Sats     SOLD AT: 2814 Sats      GAINS/LOSSES: 9%     ******** COIN TRADED: BITCOIN      MARKET: BITMEX     DATE: SEPT. 10?SEPT. 11, 2018.      CALLED AT: LONG-6290     SOLD AT: 6410 Sats      GAINS/LOSSES: 15%     ****



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